About Us

About Us


Shield Platinum Holdings offers integrated Business Risk Solutions to safeguard and optimise assets, people and information. We deliver process-enabled service solutions by combining our expertise in Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) with Electronic Security, Safety and Business Risk Management systems.

“We focus on providing an outcomes-based service by delivering business intelligence and enabling strategic risk management.”

Shield Platinum Holdings aims to become a major role player in the provision of quality risk solutions to all market sectors throughout Southern Africa. We will not compromise on the quality of the solutions we provide to our customer and always conduct business with the utmost integrity. Our service, to all our clients, will be become the benchmark in the industry for everyone to follow.


To provide trusted solutions to all or clients through the use of class leading technology. Shield Platinum Holdings will at all times conduct business with integrity, provide quality product and deliver excellent service before and after we have implemented an acceptable solution. We will become a leading service provider to all market sectors and serve every client with pride and honesty. We will only conduct business if it is to the mutual benefit of both parties.


As a solution based company, Shield Platinum Holdings offers holistic, integrated and outcomes based solutions to protect and monitor people, assets and information through the implementation of technology.

We provide solutions to all market sectors by providing the customer with a complete risk analysis. Through thorough investigation and assessment, we aim to reduce the customers overall risk and increase the productivity and profits, by implementation of technology and other management disciplines.

Coupled with the implementation of our solutions we will be providing a focused approach on outstanding service. Shield Platinum Holdings will not compromise on our overall integrity, the quality of our solutions or the total commitment to outstanding customer service.

Our Solution Offering

Shield Platinum Holdings have no direct links to any other company and operates as a total South African born company. We have joined ventures with third party companies to provide the correct solutions to our clients and thus allow our clients to have a point-to-point solution to view, understand and manage their company’s risk profile through a single technology interface. Our offering includes a complete solution to protect people, assets and information by detecting, monitoring, protecting and responding. Our solutions offering include:

The Analysis

We believe in providing all our clients with advice on how to reduce the risks in the day to day running of their business, understanding that no business is the same and that every risk will be different from sector to sector. Through complete analysis of each individual customers risk and needs, we will be able to formulate the correct course of action to reduce these risks and provide the suitable solution to increase productivity, increase the management effectiveness and safeguard valuable information. The success of our experiences has been founded in the thought leadership.

The Solution Crafting

Although most problems in any business can be minimised through the use of technology, there will be cases where just a change in procedure will be adequate. In most cases, a combination of both technology and a change in the way things are done, will improve the situation for many customers. It is our duty not to always want to suggest a technical solution but to also supply our clients with advice on what to do and how to remedy the problem without the use of technology.

Through our experience and the backing from major suppliers we have the capability to assist clients from all market sectors. With the use of state-of-the- art technology and the integration of various technology disciplines, we will be able to assist management in improving the bottom line and securing their assets and information. We do not supply a “one size fits all” solution to our clients. Each case will be handled on its own merit and the solution will be tailor made to each individual customer.

With the combination of various forms of technology we will however be able to limit and decrease the risks involved in everyday business. As technology does not take days off, phone in sick or strike, it can become a very important tool in the combating of losses and unproductive staff or even training tool to improve staff competencies