Our Business Partners

Our Business Partners

It is vital for us to have partnerships with local companies to provide backup and support. These partners must have a global vision but local support systems to back up their products. Shield Platinum Holdings have hand- picked a preferred list of suppliers with the same solution-specific visions.

With these partnerships in place, it allows Shield Platinum Holdings to provide the latest technology to our clients. We are however not restricted to only these suppliers but will forge other partnerships to provide the correct solution to every clients need. We will constantly broaden our internal skills and capabilities to provide true point-to-point integrated solutions to our clients.

Our procurement policies are flexible enough to allow us to supply and operate products and services from other vendors where required.

Our Methodology

Typical technology projects facing our customers today have significant risk associated with it at a business as well as a technical level due to projects’ size, complexity and organizational impact. In order to mitigate that risk, we subscribe to an implementation process based on strong programme management and systems engineering principles.

Shield Platinum Holdings has the capability to integrate various point solutions in the ICT and technology-enabled security sectors, ensuring an end-to-end value offering for our customers’ risk management needs. We subscribe to a process of systems engineering across the life cycle, ensuring individual building blocks are properly designed, implemented and tested individually and as an integrated system, and most importantly addressing the business requirements of our customers.

Throughout these steps, configuration management, risk management, change management and quality assurance plans are carefully followed. This ensures the comprehensive documentation of the solution, risk identification and mitigation planning, management and planning of all changes during the course of the solution delivery, as well as ensuring the delivery of a high quality solution.

This ensures the outcome of the project is in line with expectations set upfront. Without such a planned/structured approach the result is normally quite obvious: projects overrun on cost and timelines, and/or don’t meet the requirements customers expect.

Our Service Ethics

Shield Platinum Holdings build on our reputation for service and customer relations. We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible service. The company was founded, due to the lack of service within the security industry in South Africa. Service to our clients will be our main priority and the commitment undertaken by management to deliver on this promise shows that we will be setting new standards for everyone else to follow.

Our outcomes based solution, will be of the highest Quality and based upon our client’s needs. We will provide holistic and workable solutions. We are obliged to give an honest and fair opinion to all our clients. This may include a change in procedure, implementation of technology or outsourced solutions to provide our client with risk reduction tools and effective management of assets, people and profits.

With the rapid converging security, safety and risk management disciplines, Shield Platinum Holdings will be able to provide our clients with integrated solutions by combining our expertise and knowledge in the field of electronic security, safety assessments and risk management. Our focus will be on providing unprecedented service and state-of-the-art technology through relationships we establish with our clients that are built on Integrity.